I’ve consistently been training with my coaches for 12 weeks now and have my first “down week” otherwise known as recovery on the schedule. 12 weeks…countless hours…huge muscles gains (3 lbs to be exact) and all 3 disciplines of the triathlon now under my belt. Best part? No hip pain! I owe a huge amount of that my new coaches! Both my coaches have names that start with K, so we will hereby refer to them as Coach K^1 (strength & hip work) and Coach K^2 (training plan).

Using Training Peaks for the first time has really allowed me to see the gains and improvements I’ve made. I’m usually such a mental athlete (hehe…I’m an athlete again) that I wasn’t a huge fan of times, data and thinking too much. But I am totally nerding out over this data! Add in my new Garmin 920XT (heart rate monitors to follow) and well…I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming in numbers…

It's just so pretty!! 😍 I can't wait to get it all sweaty! 💦😜 @garmin #triathlon #triathlete #tritraining

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Coming out of my surgery and spending so much time and frustration just trying to feel like me again, I wasn’t sure what my body would be able to handle. Seeing actual improvements on paper with numbers that don’t lie is everything to me right now. And videos like this…here I am doing runner’s lunges on the TRX. I could barely engage my muscles 8 weeks ago to make this happen…and now?


When the workouts get tough (and they will) and my body hurts (in a good way)…this video is going to be my reminder of how far I’ve come. That I can do anything I put my mind to. These last 2 weeks in particular I saw my first “workouts” for running again. Repeats, threshold pace…scary thoughts. I’ll admit, it was intimidating looking at that Sunday night and anticipating the whole week. But then I reminded myself to take each workout as it comes. And you know what? I did it. My body is definitely exhausted and this recovery week is perfectly timed, but man am I happy! Yay endorphins!