Book Review: Beach Town


Title: Beach Town
Author: Mary Kay Andrews
Genre: Fiction/Romance

Set in Cypress Key, FL Beach Town opens with an immediate introduction to our main character Greer Hennessy. She’s a movie location scout from L.A. in search of that quintessential Florida beach town for the latest project she’s been assigned to, which comes with the pressure of needing to get it right if she hopes to continue working in Hollywood. However, the town’s mayor/engineer/convenience store owner, Ed Thibadeaux, does not want to see Cypress Key commercialized. If there is one thing Greer is known for though, it’s how to get things done no matter the cost. Throughout production Greer comes to care for this small town and its people, especially a certain mayor, leaving some difficult decisions to be made. As Cypress Key begins to change and so do the characters, can Greer salvage both her movie career and love life at the same time?

Living in FL currently I was drawn to a book I could relate to, especially the idea of small FL beach towns. My love of all things Hollywood made this a sure sell. The plot itself was nice. The juxtaposition of this small beach town changing with the ways of Hollywood, while the characters also come to terms with their past made for great parallel story lines. The depth that we come to learn about these characters makes you feel like you know them. The book features family drama, friendships, work drama and every other life nuance you can think of.

However, it just seemed to move kind of slowly for me. There was so much background into the characters that it felt like it was never-ending and then the book very suddenly ended. And it was happily ever after. I feel like something was missed, that spark (no pun intended…you’ll understand if you read the book), that truly made it feel like a happily ever after. To that point though…I never stopped reading it and felt like I had to know what would happen next. It just didn’t draw me in like books usually do. I didn’t feel like I was part of the story. That’s just my personal opinion though, as someone who loves to get lost in a book.

3 stars – it’s worth the read if you looking for something easy to take to the beach








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