Book Review: A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin

Title: A Good Debutante’s Guide to RuinIMG_7794
Author: Sophie Jordan
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Avon
Format: Mass Market Paperback

When Rosalie Hughes, stepsister to Declan, the Duke of Banbury, is suddenly placed in his care to be ushered into society, she quickly learns that in order to maintain her independence she’ll need to take control of her fate. What she didn’t expect was the young boy she remembered climbing trees with has now become a frustratingly handsome man intent on dismissing her from his life as soon as possible. Determined to set her own path, Rosalie dons a disguise and sneaks into a private club frequented by Declan, where the two become entangled in a game of improper and ardent behavior , while the past threatens to tear them apart.

Built on the basis of a strong-willed, yet stubborn heroine and a hard-headed, yet steadfast hero, this book delivers all the great markings of a historical romance novel. During a time where woman were taught to be quiet and obey the men in their lives, Rosalie takes fate in her own hands, proving that strong woman always win. Written as a story that moves quickly without lacking content or context and keeps you guessing what will happen next as the past slowly comes to light and the scandal of being step siblings is intertwined in the interactions of two equally stubborn characters in the midst of pompous London nobility created a page turner!

4 Stars


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