Book Review: Secret Sisters

IMG_8121Title: Secret Sisters
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Publisher: Berkley Books/Penguin Random House, LLC
Format: Hardcover

Almost two decades after Madeline and Daphne at the age of 12 survived a brutal attack at the Aurora Point Hotel, they thought they’d left the secrets buried and their friendship a memory of the past. However, when Madeline’s grandmother, the owner of a prestigious boutique hotel chain, suspiciously ends up dead, the girls are thrust back together and their special bond reignited as they search to solve the mysteries of past and present. To help them solve these mysteries, Madeline enlists the help of Jack Rayner, private security consultant and despite his own mysterious past, she finds herself falling for him. As answers unfold surrounding the questionable deaths of Madeline’s grandmother and others, a small town in Washington is pushed into the spotlight and no secret is safe.

Krentz once again delivers the perfect combination of mystery, romance and substance to grab your attention from the beginning and leave you in suspense of what will happen next. The intertwined stories of the characters come to light as the book progresses, along with the mystery of the situation itself. The emotions they experience are so real and the storytelling so compelling, you feel as if you’re part of the adventure.

4.5 Stars



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