After a fantastic few months of training and racing, plus facing my fears of gators and swimming in the open water of Florida lakes, my hip decided to be a pain and flare up a bit. For those that might be new to my history, I had FAI (+some other stuff) hip surgery almost 3 years ago now. From what I’ve discovered, read, spoken to people and doctors about is that it’s not uncommon for post-FAI surgery people to have some flare ups from time to time. If you continue working on strength, body alignment and safe training those flare ups should begin to become few and far between though. And that’s definitely the case for me.

So about 1 1/2 weeks ago I went on a “rest” period from the repetitive motions of running and biking and the focus returned to strength for core and glute activation…and of course swimming!


The plan was to remove any pain or lingering discomfort from my hip (meaning avoid anything that causes it to flare up) and then add back biking and running one at a time, slowly and conservatively with my coaches guidance. In the big picture, this is nothing. I want triathlon to be a life long sport for me. There will be tons of other races and training days in my future, right now though my hip needs some rest.

Unfortunately, something terrible happened and I was forced into a complete rest for over a week. Last Saturday afternoon I was involved in a severe car accident. Finally, today I was able to do a basic strength workout, minus the weight…so basically I moved, but boy did it feel good to move again! I look forward to slowly and surely getting back into the triathlon groove!