Book Review: Illusion Town

img_8401Title: Illusion Town
Author: Jayne Castle
Genre: Futuristic Romance
Publisher: Jove/Penguin Random House LLC
Format: Mass Market Paperback

On the planet of Harmony, Illusion Town is known for its casinos, hotels and bright lights. It’s the Las Vegas of the world after the Curtain closed from Earth, a town of the past in the future. Hannah West, with her dust bunny companion Virgil, own a small store specializing in crystals and is known as “the finder of lost objects.” When a relationship with a client, Elias Coppersmith, turns personal, things turn adventurous to say the least. After waking up married, with no recollection of how they got there, Hannah and Elias must navigate the alien catacombs and their personal pasts on the path to answers.

While written with Castle’s unique flair for drawing in the reader to this new futuristic world of Harmony and continuing on a storyline of some of the most powerful families in this new world, I felt the book started too quickly, without the usual scene setting of some of her other works. On that note however, it does draw you in immediately and makes for a quick read. The continued use of dust bunnies and their cute eccentrics ways, creates an enticing humanism in a world filled with paranormal tendencies. You’re left wanting to discover other parts of Harmony and learn more about the paranormal talents of the humans who survived after the Curtain closed.

3 Stars


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