Book Review: A Scot in the Dark

img_8558Title: A Scot in the Dark
Author: Sarah MacLean
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Format: Mass Market Paperback

Miss Lillian Hargrove led a simple, quiet life. Stuck between the worlds of nobility and service, Lilly was never quite sure where she fit in. When a scandal rocks her world, the Duke of Warnick must come to his ward’s rescue. The only problem? It’s been years since Alec (as he prefers) left Scotland and England has never felt like home. Can they stop the scandal in time and save each other in the process?

While I am the biggest Sarah MacLean fan, it’s with a heavy heart that I say this wasn’t my favorite work of hers. While the storyline was a great idea, her same humor and wit could be seen in the writing and I appreciated the ties to modern society, the main characters and the story itself were lacking and never felt like they came to full fruition.

Positives: Today’s women are still held to a different standard than men in the world of scandal and the brilliant use of a modern scandal (i.e.: sex tapes) with the painting was a fantastic look at the fact that while somethings have changed since the 1800s, others have not. Having read my share of historical books and watched enough PBS documentaries on nobility (and I’m not just referring to Downton Abbey) the concept of a Duke falling for his ward (and the idea of wards) is not farfetched and a compelling plot. The use of supporting characters, the Talbot Sisters, Stanhope, the owners of the Fallen Angel (favorites books by the way!) were where the wit and humor in the writing truly shown.

Negatives: The story itself seemed to just go in circles. Without revealing too much it was a cycle of searching for a painting, a heroine being too stubborn for her good and a Duke whining about the past and his lack of confidence over and over again. After the first few times I found myself yelling at the book for Alec and Lilly to just get over themselves. By the time they finally softened to each other, it didn’t feel like they’d truly built a “relationship” between each other and the story just kind of ended.

3 Stars


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