So after an unfortunate early end to my triathlon season (car accident), luck just hasn’t been on my side. My hip flairing up, getting sick, making some big changes, Hurricane Matthew and LIFE put training on the back burner.

Instead of beating myself up for not getting workouts out in (anyone else hate seeing red in Training Peaks?!) I talked with my coach and we decided a more unstructured plan was the right direction for me right now. So far it’s been a weight off my shoulders! Sometimes you first need to regroup to come back stronger!  In a few months I look forward to really tackling my workouts again (I’ve got big goals next season) but right now the focus is on fitness, strength and really learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s amazing how quickly you loose that mentality. Your brain truly is like any other muscle in your body and you’ve got to work on it everyday.

I’m having fun exploring the TRX a bit more, running with my dog Sasha (because fall weather has finally arrived in FL!) and even took my first Orangetheory Fitness class today (more to come later on that)!


Escaping Hurricane Matthew at my Aunt and Uncles by Tampa! Fall weather means running with Sasha again…finally!

Right now I’m just taking it day by day, listening to my body, reading a TON of books (send me your recommendations!) and enjoying the big changes coming my way!