Book Review: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

img_0534Title: ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Author: Amanda Quick
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Berkley Books/Penguin Random House
Format: Hardcover

When Calista Langley, owner of an exclusive introductions agency in Victorian London, finds herself at the center of some unwanted attention she’s forced to turn to Trent Hastings, crime novelist, for help. Trent, who has learned to hide his emotions very well, came to Calista to make sure she wasn’t taking advantage of his younger sister, a client of the introductions agency.

For the past few weeks, Calista has been receiving quirky gifts and trinkets for those in mourning, each engraved with her initials. Initially, Trent and Calista believe the stalker must be one of Calista’s rejected clients, but as the story unfolds, it appears to actually be someone from her past.

This is quite honestly one of the best historical romance novels I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t want to put it down and found myself reading till the early morning hours (way past my bedtime). It was witty, engaging and exciting. The characters seemed to be alive and build with each page turn. The story and use of historical references to memento mori’s was dark, but also fascinating. The best part of the book though, was the rate it moved. The story was constantly evolving, however it never felt rushed. The ability to write with conviction that keeps you turning the pages and not miss any details is a true talent. Calista and Trent were fully developed and revealed in the right timing, while the supporting characters offer the perfect backdrop to the theme of family being most important.

5 Stars


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