Book Review: What Happens At Christmas

img_1688Title: What Happens At Christmas
Author: Victoria Alexander
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Zebra Books – Kensington Publishing Company
Format: Mass Market Paperback

Lady Lydingham, Camille, has her cap set for a prince and plans for Christmas engagement. All the prince wants for Christmas is a proper English Christmas in the country. Camille’s family however, is anything but proper, so while they’re away she hires a troupe of actors to put on the biggest Christmas production ever. But when Grayson Elliott, her childhood best friends and the real love of her life, shows up at her house and joins the facade, the magic of the season has ways of changing the heart.

Lady Lydingham is such a relatable character. Grayson Elliott is hard not to love. Put them together with this troupe of mismatched actors, as well the real family and it’s a non-stop question of what else could possibly go wrong.This leads you to turn page after page wondering what will happen next with twists of irony and fate thrown in for good measure.

4 Stars


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