Book Review: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

FullSizeRender-2Title: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Author: Amanda Quick
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Berkley Romance – Penguin Random House
Format: Hardcover

Murder seems to follow Irene Glasson everywhere. Fleeing her previous employer, who was brutally murdered in New York and going on the run, Irene finds herself in Burning Cove, CA…and once again entwined in a murder mystery. Working as a reporter, Irene makes it her mission to discover the killer and the connection between her previous coworkers mysterious death. What she didn’t expect was the link between New York and California. Oliver Ward, once a famous magician, is a master of smoke and mirror tricks. When a near death experience left him unable to perform any longer, he opened the Burning Cove Hotel, hideaway of the stars. In the process of trying to solve the murders, Irene and Oliver must team up to create the most mystifying show ever seen as if their lives depended on it.

In a departure from Victorian times, Quick delivers a charming, fast read set in the 1930s of California with strong characters reminiscent of her previous titles. True to form, the murders interconnecting between New York and California left a nice twist. I also really enjoyed hearing a bit about 1930s California, however feel this is one area that could have involved more detail. Being in obscure Burning Cove I don’t feel truly depicted 1930s California at its most glamorous. As mentioned, it was a quick read, somewhat lacking in the detail that she is so known for in her Victorian time period novels. This being a first jump into 1930s California for Quick leaves me wishing she’d write more in this time period, so that it might be further explored.

4 Stars


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