Book Review: Bay of Sighs

IMG_3167Title: Bay of Sighs (Book 2 Guardians of the Trilogy)
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: Unabridged Audio Book

With one star found, the guardians now find themselves on the Island of Capri in search of the water star. This story introduces us to the storyline of Annika, the mermaid, and Swayer King, the traveler. While on Capri, the team faces some of their darkest moments yet in search of the water star. (Click here for summary of Book 1: Stars of Fortune)

Of the three books, this was the least interesting to me. For starters, I understand the need to make Annika a bit ditsy, being that she’s not from the land and actually a mermaid, but after a while, it just got annoying to me, personally. I felt a disconnect between her strength and naivety. As for the storyline as a whole, it was a nice jump from the first book. The paranormal references are amazing, the storyline and fantasy Roberts creates is fantastic and as a whole, the characters are really well developed across the board. Even though this book focuses on Annika and Sawyer, this is still plenty of Bran and Sasha’s story, plus an introduction to Riley and Doyle and even well thought out scenes and happenings involving all 6 characters. Roberts is truly the best at taking sub-stories within one overcompasing story.  Interesting that they were on an island though; ocean scene again. Honestly, when I read the first book I thought Annika should have been more involved being the mermaid, not realizing the second book would involve the ocean as well.*
*I understand the water connection better having read all 3 books, but those were my thoughts during the second book.

3 Stars


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